Frequently Asked Questions
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In what kind of accidents can we help you?

While in Puerto Rico, have you ever suffered one of these accidents:

  • private motor vehicle accident fall accident in Puerto Rico;
  • motorcycle accident;
  • an accident with an 18-wheeler;
  • a school bus accident;
  • an accident while in public transportation;
  • an accident with a government vehicle;
  • a slip/fall accident in any sidewalk, commercial building, hotel, parking lot or any other property;
  • an accident with any type of vessel or while in a cruise ship;
  • an accident on a recreational park;
  • food poisoning;
  • has any object fallen on you while driving or walking?
  • have you had an accident that you just want to know if there is anything you can claim or someone to claim from;
  • do you want to know who has to pay for your medical bill and other treatment expenses after an accident.

If you answered in the affirmative to any of these questions or you just have any other question about an outstanding case that you are a party to, you should call us and give us a try.  It will cost you nothing and it will certainly give you a fresh view and idea of where is it that you stand in relation to your rights and the prospectus of your claim.  Sometimes a call like that will provide guidance and will put all your worries to rest. 

From there, it is you and only you, who will decide if it is us who are worth handling your case.

Our attorneys are readily available to talk to you at your earliest convenience. 

What should I do after suffering an accident?

The very first thing you should do is seek medical assistance for your injuries.  Anything else can wait for the right time.  Though you might see some of the injuries at the skin level, an accident can cause you internal injuries that can only be identified and properly addressed by seeking medical assistance.  This approach will allow you to protect your well-being and minimize damages on the long-term which at the end of the day is the most important thing of them all.

During this process, you certainly need to identify to your health care providers all the injuries you have suffered and any and all pain that you feel.  This will allow them to write them down on your medical records thus perpetuating your injuries for future reference.

As to police officers or any other investigators, remember their interview can wait until you are healthy enough to undertake that process, and during that process and if you are able, you can contact us and we can provide orientation and guidance thru that process.  Remember that the police report or any other accident report or recorded statement that you give will be used in the future as part of your claim and thus it needs to be properly addressed within the circumstances since it can compromise the outcome of your claim. 

It is of the essence, to obtain as much information and evidence as possible relating to your claim at the moment the accident occurs or as soon as possible in order not to lose evidence that might be needed to handle your claim.  Sometimes evidence is lost due to various reasons, being one of them, changes in the area where the accident took place.

Our attorneys can help you thru all this process of handling the medical treatment, the accident investigation and to protect evidence thus avoiding the injuring party to avoid responsibility.

Do I have to complete a claim form taken by or provide a recorded
statement taken by the injuring party at the time and place of the accident?

The answer is NO.  There is no law that requires that you do such a thing, thus is completely up to you.  If you decide to do so, we suggest that it will be limited to inform about the accident occurrence without further details which you can provide at a later time without compromising the prospects of your case.

You must understand that any form that you fill or that you sign or any record statement that you give is being taken by a representative of the injuring party, thus it goes without saying, that most likely, it will be taken on the terms that are most beneficial to them and in the future, it will be used against your interests to deny your claim and any compensation that you were entitled to.

So, what is our recommendation?

If in complete need, just provide the injuring party the basic information as to the date, time and place of the accident and save for a later time the details into the accident.  This will also provide you with the opportunity to understand your accident in better detail once you are calm and not under the stress of the accident or under medical treatment.  During this process, you will certainly benefit from some guidance and counseling to better understand the “pros” and “cons” of your claim.

Our attorneys can provide you with such help and all it will take from you is a call at no cost to you.

Where do you go to get our assistance?

It is your choice, you pick the one that bests suits you.  You can either visit our offices, reach us by phone, by e-mail, social media or a combination thereof, or, we can visit you at your earliest convenience.

The whole idea is to make it as easy and convenient as possible for you in such a way that you can keep track of your calendar without this process been an interruption.  Thus, just let us know which option do you prefer for the initial contact and we will take it from there.

Why contact us?

The fact that our team is dedicated to personal injury cases and the amount of experience accumulated for almost 2 decades, provides you with the unique opportunity to have all of our resources at your needs and those of your claim.

The fact that the members of our team have all worked for different insurance carriers early in their careers and after that we have handled thousands of cases on behalf of claimants allows us to identify the best approach for the insurance company of your case thus maximizing the prospects and results of your case.  We also work with the best independent professionals that can provide that additional or plus factor to prove your case or to make it a more valuable claim than it would initially seem.  

Remember that insurance companies have a lot of resources to fight off your claim and you can only make your stand if you have the right tools and resources on your side.  Without the proper resources the insurance company will try to knock down your claim even if it has all the merits in the world.  We can put all our knowledge and resources to work for you and your claim.

Who pays for the medical bills?

Your medical expenses can be claimed and have to be paid by the injuring party, the question is when is this done and the answer is it all depends on who you are dealing with.

Some insurance carriers, the least if any, are willing to pay them off while you are receiving medical treatment.  Most of them, not to say all of them, do not pay them off at early stages for reasons like it is their corporate culture not to pay those expenses unless a settlement or a judgment is entered against them, they do not recognize the liability of their insured on the accident occurrence, the terms of the insurance policy they issued or manage requires them to pay them off at a future date or simply they don’t recognizes the treatment as post-trauma, the insurance policy does not have coverage for medical expenses, among others.

Our attorneys can help you analyze the particularity of the insurance policy applicable to your case and set a work program designed to get your expenses reimbursed as soon as possible including establishing contact with the adjuster or various adjusters designated by insurance company for a single matter like this.

It is important for you to know that we will not charge you for this amount and everything that the company reimburses you for this concept is yours.  This complimentary free service will cost you nothing but a phone call to us.

How much will the initial consultation cost?

Nothing.  Simply nothing.  Your case consultation is free of cost.

Which are the fees in case we file a claim on your behalf?

Once you have hired us, we will charge you based on a contingency fee, which simply put means, that if we do not collect on your behalf we cannot charge you and all of our services would have been provided for free.  But at our firm we go a bit farther.  If we do not collect for you, you do not owe us a penny of all the expenses incurred by us in your case and we will assume the loss.  Thus, when coming to us, you have no risk at all, the risk is ours.  You will only have to take care of your injuries and we take care of the rest.

What do we achieve with this structure?

Not only will you have no worries at all so you will be able to concentrate in that which is the most important, your treatment and well-being, but the attorney handling your case certainly has to perform at his/her best at all given times thus maximizing the prospects and results of your case or otherwise, you will not be charged and the attorney will not get paid.  The stress is on the attorney not on you.

Who can claim?

It goes without saying that the injured party can claim, but also, his close family members or relatives who have suffered emotional pain and anguish.

What can you claim with our attorneys?

You will be able to claim compensation for physical, emotional, economic and special damages, as well as any whole person impairment caused by the accident, special equipment, prosthesis or any other special need you might have.  We will analyze the specifics of your case to determine which of these concepts apply and the need to hire an expert witness that can help to present your case or that could increase the amount that you are entitled to be compensated.

What is the statute of limitations in Puerto Rico?

In Puerto Rico, the statute of limitations for a personal injury case is 1 year from the date of the accident.  This period can be timely and properly interrupted as long as it is done according to law which requisites varies depending if the injuring party is a private entity/person or a governmental unit.  If the injuring party is a governmental unit or employee, it might be possible that a formal claim would need to be done within 90 days from the date of the accident occurred.  If a claim is not made within the statutory period the claim is tolled and it cannot be filed at any time thereafter.

This short period of time of 1 year or 90 days is another reason for seeking legal counseling as fast as possible so that you can timely protect your rights and interests.

When can you contact our attorneys?

You can contact us any time you want at:

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